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5,634 Square Feet | 750 Max. Capacity

Spanning the second level of the hotel, the 5,634-square-foot Driskill Mezzanine has played host to social events, political functions, and much more. Beautiful paintings of Texas scenery, marble floors and detailed, historic columns line the space for one-of-a-kind events with up to 750 guests.

2,501 Square Feet | 350 Max. Capacity

The pinnacle of luxury events are held within the Driskill Ballroom, with a vaulted trompe l’oeil dome that took three months to complete and proud Texas flag mural. Once the meeting location of politicians and lobbyists during the construction of the Texas State Capitol Building, today the ballroom continues to host opulent balls and distinguished functions, with 2,501 square feet of space and room for 60 to 350 attendees.

1,500 Square Feet | 150 Max. Capacity

Adorned with a color palette of gold and white, the Maximilian Room features unique accents such as eight lavish gold leaf mirrors, originally discovered in the 1930s. This charming space has since been converted into an area for premium dining events, with 1,500 square feet of space and room for 20 to 150 attendees.

2,268 Square Feet | 150 Max. Capacity

With 2,268 square feet of space, the Victorian Room offers room for 20 to 150 attendees. This unique venue once was home to the American National Bank of Austin and Austin’s first television and radio stations. Designed in a Victorian style, this room features floor-to-ceiling windows, a stained glass door to 6th Street, iron railings crafted from the bank’s original settings, and a beautiful staircase to an upstairs balcony offering an additional 1,276 square feet of space.

759 Square Feet | 80 Max. Capacity

Once the stables for guests' horse drawn carriages, today, little outshines The Crystal Room. Dazzling chandeliers create a supremely elegant backdrop for a range of events, hosting anywhere from 25 to 80 attendees.

1,807Square Feet | 80 Max. Capacity

The Driskill Grill is one of Austin's most iconic venues. As a renowned Austin institution, it has been the site of many legendary events including the location of President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson's first date and is the ideal setting for a night of celebration.

1,275 Square Feet | 70 Max. Capacity

A timeless and charming event venue for your next cocktail reception or private dinner. This Victorian-style café is ideal for events ranging from trendy local beer dinners with its famed downtown Austin backdrop, to elegant cocktail receptions embracing the European ambiance and quaint connecting patio space.

667 Square Feet | 70 Max. Capacity

Named for the 20th Governor of Texas, Jim Hogg, who kept a suite at The Driskill throughout his tenure as governor (1890 – 1895), the suite also has a more recent political history. Lyndon Baines Johnson received the successful results of his 1948 Senate run in the Jim Hogg, and returned to await the successful results of his 1964 Presidential re-election campaign here as well. In 1934, the Texas Rangers convened in the Jim Hogg Parlor before pursuing notorious crime duo Bonnie & Clyde.

390 Square Feet | 40 Max. Capacity

Equally stately and elegant, The Austin Room offers 390 square feet of meeting space in downtown Austin, Texas. Located on The Mezzanine level, this sophisticated and stylish meeting room is perfect for 10 to 40 attendees.

1,872 Square Feet | 200 Max. Capacity

Added to the hotel during the 1929 renovations, this room functioned as a private club, hosting a secret entrance through the ending years of Prohibition, where liquor could be secretly “spirited” in. In 1981, Texas law was enacted that prohibited members of Congress from meeting anywhere that excluded other members of Congress (namely, women). Once the boundaries were removed, the club shut its doors, and moved functions to The Driskill Bar.

Today, the room offers a clean and sophisticated space of yellow and gold touches, fitting up to 200 attendees, and has the ability to connect to the historic Citadel Club.

510 Square Feet | 50 Max. Capacity

Once home to a private men’s club, today, it boasts 510 square feet of space ideal for business meetings for up to 50 attendees, all while retaining a historic Texas club feel.

364 Square Feet | 15 Max. Capacity

This Texas-sized boardroom features grand and stately design details with rich wood and gold coloring to create a rustic, yet refined setting. Grouped within The Driskill Mezzanine, this room offers 364 square feet of space, comfortably fitting 15 Attendees for a conference-style setup.

640 Square Feet | 50 Max. Capacity

A true mix of Driskill history and authentic Texas setting, The Chisholm Trail Room features Burled Walnut wainscoting made from the original custom-crafted suite beds from 1886, and a full Texas landscape mural. Located at the top of the grand lobby staircase, this room is adjacent to the award-winning bar, ideal for meetings or private dinners.

The room’s mural was painted in 1995 by Texas artist Joe Barbieri, and holds a few hidden images, including a sign reading “Austin, 500 miles" and a set of smoke signals rising from the mountains that spell out “DRISKILL.”