Each March, celebrate Texas Independence Day in a style and manner that only the oldest hotel in Texas's capital can do – with Texas brews and classic cocktails, live local music, southern hospitality, and above all, Texas spirit. 

Join us for an all day celebration throughout the hotel, including Texas-shaped waffles in 1886 Café & Bakery, whiskey specials and live music in The Driskill Bar and more. 

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More than 180 years ago on March 2, Texas declared its independence from Mexico. 50 years later, The Driskill opened its doors and has been an enduring presence in Austin's evolving skyline ever since.

In many ways, the history of The Driskill is a history of Texas. It opened a mere five years after the University of Texas and it served as a gathering place for the Texas Legislature while the State Capitol was still under construction. It's where President Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird met for their first date. It was home to Austin's first television station, has been host to Texas governor inaugural balls, and more. Every room tells a story or two – some well-known and some kept secret, much like the hidden doors throughout the hotel.