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From the elegant, timeless lobby, walk up the grand staircase and enter into old-world Texas, fit for a cattle baron. Named one of the 10 Best Hotel Bars in America by USA Today and The Best Bar in Texas by Southern Living, The Driskill Bar is, without question, as Texas as it gets for downtown Austin bars. With its rustic leather couches, cowhide barstools, cattle branded custom carpet, and the grand Texas Longhorn adorning the wall, you will have no question where you sit as you sip your whiskey cocktail. The Driskill Bar offers a relaxed atmosphere, bracing spirits, fine wines and good friendships.

Bar Hours:

Sunday- Thursday: 2 p.m.- 10 p.m.
Friday- Saturday: 2 p.m.- 12 a.m.

Serving Cocktails & Dinner.

Live Music:

7 p.m.- 9 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 2nd:Sam Pace

Friday, Sept. 3rd:Meagles

Saturday, Sept. 4th:Dickie Lee Erwin

Sunday, Sept 5th:Bruce Smith Band

Thursday, Sept. 9th:Big John Mills

Friday, Sept. 10th:Bruce Smith Band

Saturday, Sept. 11th:Mrs. Glass

Sunday, Sept. 12th:Sharon Bourbonnais

Monday, Sept. 13th: Trevor Helt

Tuesday, Sept. 14th: Massimo Gerosa

Wednesday, Sept. 15th: Buffalo Gals

Thursday, Sept. 16th:Sam Pace

Friday, Sept. 17th:Basil Trio

Saturday, Sept. 18th:Country Willie

Sunday, Sept. 19th:Bruce Smith Band

Monday, Sept. 20th: Francis McGrath

Tuesday, Sept. 21st: Massimo Gerosa

Wednesday, Sept. 22nd: Dawni

Thursday, Sept. 23rd:Kevin Peroni

Friday, Sept. 24th:Dave Insley

Saturday, Sept. 25th:Cornell Hurd Band

Sunday, Sept. 26th:Sharon Bourbonnais

Monday, Sept. 27th: Trevor Helt

Tuesday, Sept. 28th: Massimo Gerosa

Wednesday, Sept. 29th: Jenny Parrott

Thursday, Sept. 30th:Anthony Garcia

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